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August is

International Community Cat

Volunteer Month

           Why Volunteer?

Sometimes being a hero doesn't take bravery and just takes being there for Community Cats!

Did you know that for every feral or colony cat you TNVR, you are potentially saving several lives?? "How can this be?" you ask yourself...well it means that there are less cats per colony competing for food, shelter, and means that more cats have the chance of being socialized and means that there is hope for a better life...

So see it doesn't take a lot to be a Hero...just a good heart and a few hours of you time...Are you willing to share a few hours a month to help save lives?? If so , please become a volunteer for a local rescue or no kill shelter...ask them to show you how Hero's are made...


Why? Because saving lives feels so good!!


                                        ~Charmaine (Michigan/USA)

5 Easy steps to Help Outdoor Cats


1.  Determine whether the cats are stray or feral.   If feral...


2.  Get advice, support and equipment for doing Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-      

      Return (TNVR) through the feral cat  individuals and groups in your      

      area.  To do this, join Trap-Neuter-Return Community on Facebook  





3.  Line up a vet or spay/neuter clinic to perform spay-neuter surgery free  

     or cheaply.


4.  Trap the cats.  It’s easier than you think.


5.  Return the cats and provide simple, long-term care. 

How can you help?


Volunteers, supporters and advocates are needed in every capacity!  We need to be reach out in every possible way.   This includes neighbors, friends, relatives, but it doesn't stop there.   Does your place of employment, your doctor’s office or your grocery store have a place you could place a one page hand out?  Think of every place you might be able to put just one sheet of paper for people to view as they sit on a break, or waiting, or possibly even as they have a meal.  The basics of TNVR can be put into that one page, with a telephone number to call for more information.  If you have a Facebook account, share information there.  If you have a Twitter account, tweet information.  Whatever social media is your favorite, use it as a vehicle to better inform our general public.


As much as we need help trapping, transporting and caretaking, we also need "arm chair warriors" who can help by posting a variety of materials on different sites.  We need people willing to write articles, petitions, and to share their stories of their experiences, tips on different topics, etc.

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