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Awareness Calendar - Overview


January        International Community Cat Movement Month    


February       International Community Cat Veterinarian Month


March            International Community Cat Trappers Month


April              International Community Cat Transporters Month


May               International Community Cat Caretakers Month


June              International Community Cat Rescuers Month


July               International Community Cat Fosters Month


August          International Community Cat Volunteer Month


September    International Working Cats Month


October         International Community Cat Shelter Reform Month


November     International Stand Up for Community Cats Month


December     International Community Cat Food Pantry Month



To understand the importance of Community Cats and trap-neuter-vaccinate-return (TNVR) in saving more companion animals, we will celebrate and examine monthly each aspect of the

Community Cat Movement.  We will be sharing information, real-life stories and much more.


We all want the killing of our shelter animals to end.  This is a guide for doing just that.  

Remember, TNVR (trap-neuter-vaccinate-return) is the key to humanely work towards this end.  In all the years of community cats being trapped and killed, the actual number of these beautiful creatures has increased.  This has not worked.  Its time for a change.  TNVR is a proven method of humanely dealing with this issue.  In the following pages, you will see why.



Here are the monthly Awareness Celebrations:







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