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 the Community Cat Movement

Presented By:
Community Cats United, Inc.

Want to Prevent More Homeless Unwanted Cats?


Although it’s common to say that cats have 9 lives, giving cats one good, full life is what we all desire.  Sadly, animal advocates estimate that over 1.5 million cats are euthanized every year.  And many of them may be feral/community cats who are considered to be unadoptable.  Cities and towns all over the United States regularly pick up feral cats who are considered to be a nuisance and are euthanized as a result.  But there is a solution that many cat advocates support. It’s called TNVR or Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return program, where feral/community cats are trapped, transported, spayed, neutered, vaccinated and returned to their outside homes.  Community cats are then fed, sheltered and protected by caretakers to the best of their ability.  And any friendly cats are  rescued and put up for adoption while kittens are fostered and socialized.  Removing feral cats from shelters saves their lives but it also saves the lives of adoptable cats by not taking their spaces in shelters that have too few spaces to accommodate the large unwanted cat population.  


How can you help?


If you want to save cats' lives, we need to get the message out about TNVR.  In the book Community Cats: A Journey into the World of Feral Cats, by Anne Beall, only 5% of people in the United States had heard of and were very familiar with TNVR (Beall, 2015). Our work in this Movement is to educate as much of the remaining 95% as possible. The more people we get on board, the more acceptable community cats and TNVR becomes, and the more cats who will be saved. 


Volunteers, supporters and advocates are needed in every capacity!  We need to be reach out in every possible way.   This includes neighbors, friends, relatives, but it doesn't stop there.   Does your place of employment, your doctor’s office or your grocery store have a place you could place a one page hand out?  Think of every place you might be able to put just one sheet of paper for people to view as they sit on a break, or waiting, or possibly even as they have a meal.  The basics of TNVR can be put into that one page, with a telephone number to call for more information.  If you have a Facebook account, share information there.  If you have a Twitter account, tweet information.  Whatever social media is your favorite, use it as a vehicle to better inform our general public.


As much as we need help trapping, transporting and caretaking, we also need "arm chair warriors" who can help by posting a variety of materials on different sites.  We need people willing to write articles, petitions, and to share their stories of their experiences, tips on different topics, etc. 


Welcome to a movement whose time has come


The Community Cat Movement is an educational project presented by Community Cats United, Inc. (Trap-Neuter-Return Community) and Street Cat Communique by beth frank.  The most important goal of the Community Cat Movement is to educate about the most effective community cat management solution (TNVR) and to educate the general public about TNVR.  We want to make TNVR a part of mainstream conversation that will make this issue as familiar as if we are talking about spaying/neutering or any other animal control program currently practiced in our municipalities.  


This is our movement!  It's time has come!  We ask each and every one of you to pledge your support to this effort.  It can only succeed when we are all in this together.


In order to support this Movement, please do three things:


1.  Use the link below to join our Facebook page Community Cat Movement.

2.  Share this Movement on your social media outlets to spread the word.

3.  Signup for our email updates below.





One part of this educational process involves recognizing one aspect of community cats each month.  So, to begin our Community Cat Movement, we have "Awareness Celebrations" that will occur each month that highlight one aspect of community cats and TNVR.  It is our intention to continue these Awareness Celebrations each and every year, until we have educated 100% of our GLOBAL community! 


It is our job, together, to spread the word about the community cats and TNVR through the Community Cat Movement!


Join us on Facebook.  Become part of The Community Cat Movement and Change Their Tomorrows Today!  



Please join us in welcoming 

the Community Cat Movement Calendar !


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