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 January Calendar of Events


Here is a list of subjects that we will cover to give a more clear understanding.  Once you understand the concepts behind trap-neuter-vaccinate-return (TNVR), you will see why this is the only proven, humane solution to the Community Cat issue.  You will also know why you need to join us in this Movement!


  1. What is the Community Cat Movement

  2. How Everyone Can Help/Volunteer/Share

  3. What is TNVR

  4. Why People Get Involved with TNVR

  5. Ear-tip

  6. Why Embrace TNVR

  7. Why Help Comm Cats

  8. How Humane Movement Began

  9. Define Commuity Cats

  10. Where Did All These Cats Come From

  11. Number of Ferals

  12. No-Kill Equation

  13. How TNVR Reduces Kill Rates

  14. Don’t Call Animal Shelters/Shelter Reform

  15. Coalition Building

  16. How Community Cats Attrition Happens

  17. TNVR is Only Proven and Humane Solution (True)

  18. Vacuum Effect (True)

  19. TNVR Improves Animal Welfare (True)

  20. Man-Made Problem, Man-Made Solution (True)

  21. TNVR Answers Public Welfare Obligations (True)

  22. Where Has Our Humanity Gone (True)

  23. Natural Rodent Control (True)

  24. Outside Cats Face Risk (False)

  25. Abandonment = TNVR (False)

  26. Ferals Decimate Songbirds and Wildlife (False)

  27. Domesticated Cats Belong in Homes (False)

  28. Non-Native Species (False)

  29. Ferals Transmit Disease (False)

  30. Why Education is Important

  31. Strength in Numbers

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