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July is

International Community Cat

Fosters Month

CALLING ALL CATS LOVERS, have we ever got the perfect job for you!!


Have you ever wondered where rescues place all their little fuzz faced cats and kittens that we all hear about being pulled from shelters, trapped from colonies, and surrendered from previous owners??? We can't keep every one together, it would be impossible! So we network with people, like yourselves, to try and find foster parents for one or more cats or kittens...people who offer their hearts and homes to their furry little charges, to insure that they get the love, food and shelter that yhey need until permanent homes can be found...sounds simple...right?


Well not so...not every cat lover has what it takes to be a foster parent...they become very attached to their kitties and never give them up...also known as foster failure, which is not a bad thing for parent and kitty, but then we usually loose a foster because of it


 A foster has to have a strong heart and a willingness to let go when the time comes to send foster to their new home.  They must be responsible for all care, with assistance from the actual rescue group.  They normally are screened very thoroughly by the group and need veterinary and personal references to show that they are used to caring for cats, once you pass that check, well along comes you foster babies...with food and either an allowance for medical care (some rescues take any kitty who needs medical treatment in themselves)...all you are responsible for is the care and most importantly...the love!


Do you think that you have what it takes to foster? If so please consider contacting a local rescue group so that they can add you to their list of volunteers. It is a job that is very rewarding, and so appreciated by rescues and cats alike...What are you waiting for...make that call today, there is a cat or kitten just waiting for your help!

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