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June is

International Community Cat

Rescuers Month

A Rescuers' Letter

To My Owners


Many community cats were once beloved family pets.  When they were no longer convenient or wanted, they were tossed outside or surrendered.


Read this letter from a rescuer to the person who surrendered their healthy 17-year old cat. 


Thank you for writing this and for putting these animals before yourself.


Did you ever wonder what all the Hoop-lah is about rescue?


What makes this job (yes it is a full time job!) so special? If so keep reading, because we are going to explore the life of a rescue.


When you choose to become involved in rescue…well your life is never going to be the same.  Every hour of every day is filled with things to do.  This job doesn’t come with the normal benefits that you think about when you do other kinds of work.


There is no health care, except for what you supply to the cats, no days off or built in vacations and holidays.  The cats don’t take days off and they have no idea what a vacation day or holiday is.

They only know that they depend on you to be at work every day to insure their survival.


Still interested in helping…read on…


You are up and out every morning, weather is something you deal with…rain, snow, cold, blistering heat all become just second nature, because the cats are waiting for you and whatever the day brings.


If this frightens you, and this is only the start of the description of this job, well know, rescue is not for the weak at heart…it is a 365, 24/7 commitment, but the perks are great…you have the satisfaction of knowing you are doing something that is making a difference in the lives of many.  You are helping where most people just ignore.  You are doing a job that not many are up for, and will never understand!  You are saving lives, and let me tell you, at the end of the day it feels good!!


If you are still up for the challenge, keep in mind this is not a hobby to fill excess time on an occasional basis.  As described earlier, it is an everyday commitment.  Then contact a rescue in your area…they are always looking for people to start off by volunteering while learning the ropes…Become a colony hero…and when someone asks you what you do…your answer will be easy, you can say “I’m a Rescuer…how about you?”

A Rescuer's Story


12:30 am on Christmas Day 2015, I'm walking my dogs a block from my house. They started going nuts, so I just had to figure out why. A 3-4 month old buff kitten was sitting in the road. He let me and the dogs get about 5 feet away from him when the dogs (they have a strong prey drive) lunged at him. He ran approximately 10 feet back and turned and looked at me.


I immediately went home, got my car, live trap, and canned food and drove across the street from the abandoned building he was next to. I left the dogs in the car and started walking towards it with the trap and canned food. Imagine my surprise when he starts walking to meet me! Approximately 5 feet away, he stops and looks at me.


I call him, and he just stands there. I opened a can of cat food, and sit it on the ground. He walks up to it. I put my hand down at his level, and he stretches to sniff my hand. I reach towards him, he runs back 2-3 feet. I call him again, and he walks back to the food. He leans into my hand as I touch his cheek while he is eating. I try picking him up, and he startles again. I opened the trap, holding the door open, and put the can right inside it, calling him again. He walks right in, and I close the trap, carrying him to my car.


Now I just need to see if someone claims him.

Rescuers don't work when its convenient; they worked when they are needed.

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