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How TNVR Reduces Shelter Kill Rates X

No other animal entering an animal shelter faces such a grim and certain future as feral cats. Because of their unsocial disposition, feral cats are not considered adoption candidates. So, when a feral cat enters a shelter, it is almost always an immediate death sentence.

The only alternative to these mass killings done in US animals shelters is trap-neuter-vaccinate-return (TNVR), also known as trap-neuter-return (TNR). For our purposes, we will refer to this as TNVR.

How does TNVR reduce kill rates?

The process of TNVR includes trapping, spaying/neutering and vaccinating, then returning the feral cat to its original outside home. Also while under sedation for unsexing, the feral cat receives an ear-tip, the universal sign that the cat has been sterilized. (Ear-tipping was discussed in an earlier topic) Sick and injured cats are treated. Those beyond help are humanely euthanized.

Rather than the time-proven disaster of trap-and-KILL, the best process when a feral cat enters a shelter is that there is a TNVR program in place that each feral is place into. This typically requires a relationship between the shelter and a TNVR group. When a feral cat is then brought into the shelter, a TNVR group is contracted ad the feral cat is put into the TNVR process.

At the end of TNVR, the feral cat is returned to its original outdoor home. The feral cat can no longer have litter of kittens. The cat’s life has also been spared because it is not killed at the shelter which also reduces the shelter’s kill rate. If you are an animal advocate or an animal lover, isn’t his exactly what you would want – less killing?

Sadly, too few shelters have taken steps to implement TNVR programs, despite efforts of TNVR groups and rescues. Change can be slow and difficult. Trap-and-kill programs have NOT worked. If they had, the number of feral cats would be far less. Instead, the issues with feral cats have not shown any decline unless a TNVR program is in place. TNVR HAS led to far fewer feral cats and in a humane and less-costly way.

Demand the change. Be the change.

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