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The Humane Movement X

Animal rights and cruelty have been issues for a long time. The first humane organization was founded over 150 years ago to:

  • Establish standards for humane treatment of animals

  • Promote rights of animals

  • Protect animals from harm

But for much of the humane movement's history, feral cats have been referred to as "filthy and vicious" to name a few adjectives.

Why are homeless cats not worthy of the same compassion from groups that claim to be dedicated to animal rights and welfare? Through the years, there has been some improvement in positions on feral cats - but it is not enough.

If you do just a little research on the topic, you will see where each national organization stands on the feral cat issue. Here is something to think about - If an animal welfare group is against hunting, how can it support the killing of feral cats?

Please don't accept this. Demand compassion for ALL animals, not just some. When you provide financial support for those allowing trapping and killing of feral cats, you condone it. But do you really? Each life matters!

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