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What is a Community Cat? X

A feral cat is often the offspring of a feral cat and is usually fearful of people and wary, which can make him a poor candidate for adoption.

A stray cat once lived in a home, but was lost or abandoned and forced to survive on his own. They often revert to a feral state of mind. Strays however can usually be quickly re-socialized and adopted if homes are available.

A pet cat by contrast, is a companion animal owner and home. These cats can fall into 3 categories: Indoor only, inside/outside, or always outside cats.

Free Roaming And Community Cats

New names have surfaced that differentiate the many cats who defy even those simple definitions named above. "Free-roaming" cats live mainly outdoors spending the majority of their time unconfined. This name focuses more on lifestyle rather than temperament or ownership, and free-roaming cats can include ferals, strays and pets.

Another term is "Community" cats. The name implies that when cats are not owned by an individual or residence, they belong to the community, which has collective responsibility for their care. Instead of thinking "someone should do something", that someone should be everyone concerned with animal welfare

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