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Why Embrace TNVR? X

TNVR (trap-neuter-vaccinate-return) reduces the number of community cats entering shelters. It reduces the number of cats living on the streets. When community cats are spayed or neutered, the cycle of kittens ends. Here's why:

  • The cats are healthier because they are spayed/neutered, reducing the risks of reproductive cancers greatly

  • TNVR'd cats have less desire to roam

  • Less howling and fighting

  • No Heat cycles

  • Reduces/eliminates risk of sparing and marking

  • Only proven and humane solution

  • This is a man-made problem. TNVR is a proven man-made solution. Cats who have ended up on the street started as someone's pet. The guardians of those cats either abandoned them, the cats got lost or they were left to fend for themselves.

  • TNVR answers the public welfare obligations of states, counties and cities by addressing this situation. Because just removing the cats creates a vacuum effect, which allows other and more cats to move in, the process of TNVR erases this vacuum problem, makes the cats healthier, less unsightly and less of a nuisance to the public. By humanely trapping, spaying/neutering and vaccinating the animals they will not carry disease to other animals or people. Some of the Community Cats are adopted to responsible barn owners who feed, water and provide shelter from the elements while keeping a check on their well being. Two or more cats are the norm for adapting into an outside home such as a barn. The cats provide excellent 'green rodent control'. There are those that have no place to go after the spay/neuter so the re-location must take place, which is only done under dire circumstances. It's an expensive, time consuming process with no guarantees, but it is the right and compassionate thing to do for the life of the cat.

  • There are so many benefits to embrace TNVR. It begs the question: Why is it not being implemented as it should and needs to be in so many places? Is it a lack of the facts, the dislike of cats, too much work or fear? And, lots of questions.

  • Please, learn the many ways you can help, in a small way or large, whether you dislike or love cats, there is a place to help. TNVR does it all - it helps create a better life for Community Cats and the public at large.

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