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Tails of TNR Coloring Book

Community, we have HUGE news! A game changer!  And there is no better day to launch this than Independence Day – a day we celebrate the freedom and opportunity we have!  Let’s now extend this to animals, including our beloved community cats!

We now have available an adult coloring book for sale.  It was created by our own Community Cat Movement with fantastic illustrations by Sue Birch.  In addition to having 27 pages of wonderful pictures to color, it also explains trap-neuter-return- vaccinate (TNVR) in a clear and simple way.  

Not only will you enjoy coloring, you will love the story that is told! What a great way to have family, friends and other understand TNVR. They retail for $10 per book, including shipping (US).  Outside of US, we will quote the cost – just let us know.   Great for you, family, friends and anyone you want to introduce to TNR/TNVR!

Here is the easy-to-use link to order:  



Any groups or individuals interested in ordering Tails of TNR coloring book and resell as a fundraiser, contact me.  We want to help you raise funds too and offer quantity discounts!

Here is a link to our Facebook page for Tails of TNR!

Funds raised by Community Cat Movement will be used to fund food pantries, establish medical care and spay/neuter funds.

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