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February is

International Community Cat Veterinarian Month

Veterinarians play a unique role in saving the lives of community cats.


Feral cats require a special veterinary approach that takes into account many unique factors including the fact that they are unsocialized to humans and that their interactions with veterinarians are limited.










Trap-neuter-vaccinate-return (TNVR) is a management technique in which homeless, free-roaming cats are sterilized by a licensed veterinarian, vaccinated against rabies, and then returned to their orinial habitat.


When veterinarians participate in TNVR, they help in reducing the number of cats in shelters, finding homes, improving the lives of outdoor cats, and saving lives.  They say that this is why they became veterinarians in the first place!


Spay and neuter ceases most unwanted behaviors such as roaming, yowling, spaying and fighting.


Feral cats are released back to their habitats following surgery but are observed for a length of time before that happens.  Their incisions aresealed with glue rather than with stitches, which would have to be removed at a later date.



We celebrate our Veterinarians and their Staff!

February is when we celebrate the veterinarians of TNVR (trap-neuter-vaccinate-return)  and their humane, generous and life-saving contributions to community cats.


We will explore how they do all this throughout the month!

                 We         Our Veterinarians!
Interested in Helping?  Here's How!
Click Here For: A Guidebook to Mobile Spay/Neuter Clinics Here

Veterinarian Articles

Types of Spay/Neuter Clinics

Private Veterinary Offices

These are the traditional offices one would bring their animal(s) to for medical care, much like a primary care physician's office is for people. The veterinarians that participate in our certificate program graciously extend a discount from their regular rate to the public because they want to help solve the pet overpopulation problem by offering a more affordable option for the spay/neuter surgery to clients.


Spay & Neuter Clinics

(Stationary and Mobile)

Low cost spay neuter clinics specialize in spay/neuter surgery (& vaccines administered at time of surgery) only. The clinic can offer favorable pricing as they generally do a high volume of dogs/cats in a day and are very experienced in the surgical procedures making S/N Clinics a great option for most clients.


Voucher Programs

Voucher programs usually assist qualified, low income pet owners fix their dogs/cats by subsidizing (paying a portion of the cost) of spay/neuter for their pets. Once qualified, clients are typically charged a copay or reduced cost for the surgery based on the type and sex of the animal being sterilized. The client is usually provided a list of providers working with the voucher program making it convenient for most pet owners.


Referral Programs

Referral programs like SpayUSA exist to match up callers seeking affordable spay/neuter with a program or clinic in their area of the country. Some referral programs do offer certificates or vouchers as well.

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