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Types of Spay/Neuter Clinics

Private Veterinary Offices

These are the traditional offices one would bring their animal(s) to for medical care, much like a primary care physician's office is for people. The veterinarians that participate in our certificate program graciously extend a discount from their regular rate to the public because they want to help solve the pet overpopulation problem by offering a more affordable option for the spay/neuter surgery to clients.


Spay & Neuter Clinics 

(Stationary and Mobile)

Low cost spay neuter clinics specialize in spay/neuter surgery (& vaccines administered at time of surgery) only. The clinic can offer favorable pricing as they generally do a high volume of dogs/cats in a day and are very experienced in the surgical procedures making S/N Clinics a great option for most clients.


Voucher Programs

Voucher programs usually assist qualified, low income pet owners fix their dogs/cats by subsidizing (paying a portion of the cost) of spay/neuter for their pets. Once qualified, clients are typically charged a copay or reduced cost for the surgery based on the type and sex of the animal being sterilized. The client is usually provided a list of providers working with the voucher program making it convenient for most pet owners.


Referral Programs

Referral programs like SpayUSA exist to match up callers seeking affordable spay/neuter with a program or clinic in their area of the country. Some referral programs do offer certificates or vouchers as well.

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