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Where Did All the Homeless Cats Come From? X

You can find them everywhere; near stores, apartment complexes, restaurants, racetracks and in alleys. Wherever community cats can find food, their colonies (several community cats living together) will form.

But where did all these community cats come from? The answer is: humans created this. Humans move out of an apartment or college housing and leave their cats behind to fend for themselves. Some people no longer want the responsibility of a cat so they open a door and let them go. Or they get bored with the cat so they dump them somewhere outside.

Many of these cats were never fixed and soon get pregnant and reproduce. And before you know it, the kittens are having kittens. But it all began with irresponsible pet owners.

This is why trap-neuter-vaccinate-return (TNVR) is so important. It stops the endless reproduction cycles in a humane way. Conscientious and responsible folks are now tasked with correcting a problem caused by someone else. And they most often pay for the expenses out of their own pockets and and/or from donations.

Killing these cats is not the answer either. That is on the level with the original abandonment.

Please step up and help us be humanely proactive with our community cats. The outdoors should not be a dumping ground for these innocent cats.

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